The 3rd Annual Laughter Yoga Connection 10/26/2019
at the Osher-UCSF Center For Integrative Medicine

• Laughter Wellness
• What’s New? Creative New Ways To Use Laughter Yoga
• Exercises & Techniques
• Panel and Roundtables
• Gratitude & the Inner Spirit of Joy

Teena will be leading off the Conference with the Title of her Presentation as LAUGHTER  WELLNESS.

Read the full program (PDF)
Keynote speakers (PDF)


Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Teena will be having a November training that will Certify Individuals to be Laughter Yoga Leaders able to bring Laughter Yoga Exercises to a variety of locations and groups from children to Senior Communities to Soldiers with PTSD and whatever the need and challenge Laughter Yoga can provide Relief! 

The Laughter Yoga Leader Training begins on a Saturday morning and concludes on a Sunday afternoon. It is a weekend training. 

Cost is $325.00 per person. 

Currently Teena is securing the date and location. 

Please contact or fill out this application of intent and forward to me at my email address: Teenateach@comcast.net

Cover Girl of the Veterans Home Voice

I’ve been a Calendar Girl but this came as a total surprise! I’m now a Cover Girl!

I was a keynote at the nations largest Veterans Home in Yountville, California last month. It was great fun and apparently the journalist made the decision as to who would be on the cover. I am so honored. I only wish my Dad who served in the Indo China Theatre in World War II could have seen this.


by Teena Miller - SolanoFiT Magazine
To be healthy, wealthy, and wise is everyone's dream. Throw in the magic potion of a Fountain of Youth elixir, and the human race will beat your door down to purchase it in a bottle. I have something that doesn't cost you a penny. As long as you can laugh, then you can do Laughter Yoga! Download the PDF

by Teena Miller - SolanoFIT Magazine
First of all, let me begin by stating that breast cancer covers a wide spectrum of women who cannot all be painted by one pink brush. A woman's career path, her education, motherhood (for some, not for all), and her relationships all vary dramatically at different life stages. Throw in cultural and religious differences, plus sexual orientation and her ethnicity, and it all adds up to a very complicated life experience. Download the PDF

I did this session for a public elementary school in Sacramento that had suffered a horrible shock having lost a 7th grade student who died at 12 and it turned out it was preventable. It was devastating to the school and the 7th grade.

It was an amazing session.

They all so needed to laugh.