Happy Clients


“Teena, the Great!”

Dr. Madan Kataria, M.D. Founder/Creator of Laughter Yoga

“Teena, you are so brave, inspirational, and formidable.”

Francine Shore

“Keep doing what you are doing AND dressing like this!”


“I am touched, moved and inspired by your work. You are the best Teena!!!”

— Founder/Creator of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria MD

“If you have not practiced laughter yoga with Teena Miller of Vallejo, CA, you are missing out on a real treat. Recently, my Rotary club had a laughter yoga session with Teena. Teena shared her inspiring life story with us and led us in several laughter yoga exercises. It was a breath of fresh air. I had never seen my fellow Rotarians laugh like that before. More importantly, I saw the stress melt away from their faces. If you have an opportunity to work with Teena, take it. It will do your heart good.”

— Mister Phillips, Esq., President, Rotary Club of Pinole, Inc

“You are doing incredible work. I’m so proud to know you.”

Allen Klein

“Brilliant, well done, and part of me is thinking, hey, this is Teena Miller, so of course it was brilliant!”

Bron Roberts

“Cancer's Woman of the Year, Teena Ferris Miller shared the fun in fortitude and remarkableness of her resilience in sharing her stories and adventures... who wouldn't laugh and love this woman? "

— Lynda Tourloukis

“It has long puzzled me why laughter has not been taken more seriously as an essential medicine for the body, mind and soul. Just as powerful as meditation in its effects, laughter triggers a cascade of healing and life enhancing chemicals and reactions in the body, while providing the ultimate mental 'reset', helping us to gain perspective, feel grateful, and acquire a sense of hope. It is funny to say, but anyone who seriously wants to be healthier and happier, really needs to take things more lightly and laugh a lot more.
Exploring the healing power of laughter with Teena is not only an essential step towards understanding an essential mode of wellbeing, its also an uplifting experience with someone who expresses what she teaches in everything she does - you will always have a joy-full time!”

— Jonathan Ellerby PhD, best-selling author of Inspiration Deficit Disorder

“I was following the Consumer and Family Engagement track at the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) California 2015 Conference last weekend. I had the good fortune to attend Teena's session, 'Using Laughter to Break the Cycle of Psychological Negativity.' What a positive and enlightening experience for me! I have seen Laughter Yoga flyers in my local community center and never tried a class because I am one of those serious types (I am a former competitive gymnast and a perfectionist). To be completely honest, I was skeptical and sneered at the idea of pairing yoga with laughter--it didn't make sense to me, even though I recognize the value of humor to elevate one's mood and promote healing. I didn't realize all of the physical benefits, or that laughing with others in a fitness capacity could be FUN and not a waste of time. My husband says I take myself too seriously and need to have more fun. Teena provided the information and kinesthetic experience to make me a believer, and I left the conference uplifted, with a new sense of purpose. I cannot wait to go through her training and certification process so that I can share this practice to help others, including myself! Thank you!”

Dawn Beigel, participant in Teena's workshop at the California NAMI Conference

“I like what you are doing-you are an inspiration to us all and you bring so much joy to our clients.”

— Rebekah Weeman, Adult Day Services in Napa, CA
Serving the Napa Valley

“I didn't know what to expect when I went to Laughter Yoga, but I'm so glad that I did go. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone there was so friendly that I immediately felt at home. It didn't take me long to get into the laughing exercises and, the more exercises we did, the more fun I had! We got to make faces at each other and even throw imaginary pies at each other. My forced laughter soon turned into real laughter as all of us participants joked around and had a blast. Also, the very next day I went to the doctor and saw that my lung capacity had increased, so I know that Laughter Yoga really does work. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to destress, relax, and have a good time.”

— Victoria Kistner, UC Davis Student, Age 19

“I look forward to class because I know I will forget my back pain and I know I will sleep better in spite of my husband's snoring.”

- FB, Independent Living Center Participant

“Thank you again, Teena for bringing much laughter and joy to our patients, family members and staff. National Rehabilitation Week is celebrated every year (usually around the 3rd week in September) in our facility along with other rehab centers, hospitals and health/human services to acknowledge the powers of rehabilitation and share the message that through rehab there is hope, achievement and success. On the last day of the celebration, Teena Miller provided Laughter Yoga to our patients, family members and staff. What a wonderful way to wrap up the celebration with a 'very good, very good yah' and a 'we are awesome people, we are healthy people and we love to laugh' ending! Also seeing patients, family members and staff in a group team effort that is positive and joyful was a true 'Kodak moment.' Thank you Teena for making this happen!”

— Alma Pader-Williams, CTRS Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

“As the Director of Education for the Activity Professional Organization, Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators of Northern California it is my responsibility to secure speakers for our educational events each year. Some speakers are requested by our members, others I find on my own research. Teena was requested. I always ask the audience to evaluate the speakers and Teena rated in the 93 to 95% of satisfaction with her audience. Here are the positive comments: 'A lot of fun in this class.' 'Happy and relaxing.''Best speaker of the day - my side hurts!''A great way to end the day!''She was the best. I would recommend her to anyone.' Teena has my highest personal and professional regard.”

— Diane Sorensen-NCCAC Director of Education

“Teena is amazing in all the Laughter Yoga she has brought to so many venues. To see such new responses from some are historic and will help to extend Laughter Yoga in so many areas. Teena is a real treasure to the Laughter Yoga Organization.”

- Emergency Room RN

“Teena is a person of great integrity - we wouldn't know what to do without Teena to lead our residents in their weekly laughter classes. I would recommend Teena to give her Laughter4Health exercises to anyone who is able to laugh - as she always says,"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people!”

- CSC, Activities Director at an Independent Living Center

“Teena Miller is a wonderful addition to our programs here at Crestwood Manor, Rehab and Recovery Center, Vallejo, CA. Teena is living proof that Laughter has theraputic effects on the body and the mind. Teena teaches Laughter Yoga exercises to the Crestwood Geriatric residents affected primarily by chronic health issues, Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorders, as well as Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia. Learning to Laugh again has brought a joyful activity back into their routine. Every week Teena surprises us with a warm batch of fresh exercises designed to relax their muscles, decrease stress and high cholesterol, expand their blood vessels and increase healthy blood flow. The Case Managers are now incorporating Laughter Yoga into their theraputic and activity groups on a weekly basis! Teena also teaches Laughter Yoga to a group of Asian individuals who are primarily affected by Personality Disorders and speak no English. Teena is assisted by a Chinese language translator brought in primarily to explain and translate each of the Laughter Yoga exercises as Teena leads the group. In total Teena leads 3 groups here at the Crestwood Manor, Rehab and Recovery Center, and Hope Center, Vallejo. She teaches Laughter Yoga and markets it as "Laughter4Health". Practice makes Perfect, so keep practicing Laughter in Laughter Yoga!”

- Dr. Miriam Andrade, Psy.D

“Clients look forward to Teena's Laughter Yoga. It relaxes them and motivates them. Laughter Yoga is an excellent Mindfulness Tool that both the staff and the patients enjoy. Our facility sees Laughter Yoga through Teena as a relaxation and stress management tool.”

- Program Director, RN

“Hearing Teena speak at the recent MENSA Regional Gathering was fun, educational, and helpful. Her laughter course and exercises is a much more effective method for fully exercising one's diaphragm and core muscles then playing trumpet, singing, or doing conventional aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Laughter Yoga, in my opinion, promotes both better music and better health. I was not surprised to learn that her Reno MENSA presentation led to her being asked to give a similar talk at the next MENSA Annual Gathering in 2011.”

- Roger Dalton, MENSA Member, Kentucky Banjo teacher,
street musician, retired business/engineering consultant.

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and relentless pursuit of Laughter in Vallejo (At the Vallejo Campus Of the Satellite Dialysis Center). You are just brilliant. Thanks Teeeeeeeeena!”

- Dr.Paul Bennett, Satellite Dialysis center