Teena Miller was recruited by Satellite Healthcare to write and bring her Laughter Yoga Program to their Dialysis Patients in the Program Titled LOL HD Laughter Therapy. It has proven to be well received for the past 3 years/presently on the East Coast.

Climbing The Mountain Falling Down The Waterfall Laughter Yoga exercise

Teena Miller's Brain Flossing Exercise

Teena Miller demonstrates her style of flossing one's brain for Mensa Members!

Teena Miller's Roller Coaster Exercise

Demonstrating Laughter Yoga Exercises

Teena's Laughing Fingers

Teena's Laughter Yoga at the California NAMI Conference

2014 All America Laughter Conference

http://www.laughteryoga.org Dr Madan Kataria visited Israel in December 2011 and one of the sessions was Laughing with a group of Arabs and Israeli people. Laughter Yoga mission is to bring world peace through Laughter and I think we are getting closer.

http://www.laughteryoga.org Are you stressed out or depressed? Do you want to bring more laughter and joy in your life? Laughter Yoga is the answer. Laughter Yoga is the latest health craze which is sweeping the world and has many health benefits.

Teena's Manifesto Phrase - Living and Irritating!