Lifting Spirits with Laughter & Connecting Hearts!

LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE and Teena Miller is here to show you how Laughter Exercises can improve your health and BOOST your Immune system. It is a benefit to her and helps to keep her on the Planet!

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The Biochemistry of Happiness

Companies and Health Care Centers that have brought Laughter Yoga Teachers to the workplace describe the impact as REVOLUTIONARY. This is impressive given that a typical program consists of weekly sessions only lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

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What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a mild physical technique involving a blend of playful, empowering and tension-releasing laughter and breathing exercises. Simple, structured and based on the philosophy of ENACTING JOYFULNESS, these exercises can be done in any environment and in any clothes.

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News + Notes

I will be graduating May of 2020 as a Therapeutic Humorist/Certified Humor Professional- Chip! from the AATH Humor Academy.

I am a Laughter Ambassador - an Honor and Award bestowed on me by the Founder Dr. Madan Kataria, M.D.

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Future Trainings

Teena will be having a November training that will Certify Individuals to be Laughter Yoga Leaders and be able to bring Laughter Yoga Exercises to a variety of locations and groups from children to Senior Communities to Soldiers with PTSD and whatever the need and challenge. Laughter Yoga can provide Relief! 

The Laughter Yoga Leader Training begins on a Saturday morning and concludes on a Sunday afternoon. It is a weekend training. 
Cost is $325.00 per person. 

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Upcoming Events


The 3rd Annual Laughter Yoga Connection 10/26/2019 at the Osher-UCSF Center For Integrative Medicine

Teena will be leading off the Conference with the Title of her Presentation as LAUGHTER WELLNESS.

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Teena Miller

Teena's Vision and Values are to Bring Joy & Mirth wherever she travels because she knows it's not what she wore that day or how much money she made but how she left people feeling after meeting with her. It is a gift she gives to those in need and ready to receive – the JOY of self-worth and the ability to make their Dreams happen.


"Cancer's Woman of the Year, Teena Ferris Miller shared the fun in fortitude and remarkableness of her resilience in sharing her stories and adventures... who wouldn't laugh and love this woman? "

Lynda Tourloukis


A Top 10 Service

Teena believes in reaching out to others who may not speak the same language nor eat the same foods but throughout ALL of Teena's experiences she has learned that laughter is the shortest distance between 2 people and many smiles besides!