Laughing heart connection

"I am touched, moved and inspired by your work. You are the best Teena!!!"
- Founder/Creator of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria MD -


What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a mild physical technique involving a blend of playful, empowering and tension-releasing laughter and breathing exercises. Simple, structured and based on the philosophy of ENACTING JOYFULNESS, these exercises can be done in any environment and in any clothes.

Teena’s Humor, Laughter, Yoga and Holistic Modalities include but NOT limited to:
• Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Trained by Dr. Kataria, MD, Cardiologist
• Certified Chair Yoga Teacher, Trained by Stacie Dooreck, who works directly with Dr. Dean Ornish, MD in Sausalito, California
• Certified Reiki Level One & Level Two Practice Trained by O’Shen Reiki Master from Maui, Hawaii


Teena Miller has known all her life that she was destined for a life of serving others. As a single parent, she raised 2 daughters who grew up to be a doctor and a psycho-therapist. Now her daughters are in service to others and raising their children – 4 grandchildren for "Nona TT", 3 girls and 1 boy. Both daughters are within one hour of their mom and see one another every other week.

Teena has been educated in many schools of higher learning, from Berkeley and Stanford to Sonoma State for her California Teaching Credential and JFK University as a Master's Candidate in psychology and Life Coaching. Along the path in her life journey she has come upon challenges that have taught her many lessons. Lessons she has imparted to those who wish to engage and grow with her. Teena has learned to reach out, educate herself, be open to possibilities and to trust her intuitive voice. Teena has worked with some of the most innovative and influential teachers of well-being and self-help of their time-Marcia Weider of Dream Coach University&The Secret,Tim Kelley of Finding Your Purpose. Teena has learned that Laughter is as powerful as most drugs and believes in sharing her giggles.

Seeking out knowledge for self-improvement, she has partnered with the Noetic Institute in Marin County in which the title of the research was "Loving Intentions",Teena has been written about by 2 different authors, interviewed by Barbara Bradley Haggerty, Religion Correspondent for NPR, and been trained to be a Laughter Yoga Teacher all with the goal of improving one's life and the lives of others. Whether it is speaking on the subject of being gifted with a Shinto Wedding (being the first non-Japanese couple in 1500 years to be married in a Shinto Shrine in Japan and then having it televised to over a million people) or meeting the first woman to be elected Lord Mayor of Belfast to discuss the Reunification of the Ireland's – Teena believes in reaching out to others who may not speak the same language nor eat the same foods but throughout ALL of Teena's experiences she has learned that laughter is the shortest distance between 2 people and many smiles besides!

Laughter, comedies, a positive state-of-mind PLUS the love of family and friends got her through late Stage 3 breast cancer treatments, and down the road Melanoma skin cancer, Stage 2, which Teena likes to joke she had a face-lift on her left hand. When Teena was diagnosed with breast cancer (while teaching first grade full-time)her elementary school gave her an "Honor Teena Party" the week before her first mastectomy. 7 years later, tired of being cut on and having the stress of the BIG "C" hanging over her head daily she opted to have a second mastectomy. A week before the operation she threw herself a "Boob Voyage Party" stating how often does one get invited to a Boob Voyage Party? "Well Here's Your Opportunity to attend your first and LAST such party!" TiT-bits and Breast Friends Beverages were served to all as Teena emerged in her treasured chest outfit.

Teena's Vision and Values are to Bring Joy & Mirth wherever she travels because she knows it's not what she wore that day OR how much money she made BUT how she left people feeling after meeting with her. It is a gift she gives to those in need and ready to receive – the JOY of self-worth and the ability to make their Dreams happen. And, if along the way they get to laugh, all the better because Research is showing that the Brain doesn't know the difference between fake laughing and real laughing and begins to release with every laugh endorphins into the body. That is why Teena invites you to join her in boosting her immune system and your immune system by laughing out loud and getting more "Smileage" out of your daily lives!

Teena brings Laughing Heart Connection to the following California counties: Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Monterey, Yolo, Sacramento, Amador, Contra Costa, and West Contra Costa and the following counties in Nevada: Storey and Lyon. She teaches to over 200 individuals on a weekly basis!!! Please contact Teena for future speaking engagements!